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Digital health solutions for improving mental health


Allostatic load. The physiological wear and tear on the body which accumulates as an individual is exposed to repeated stress. Allostasis. The process by which the body responds to stressors in order to regain homeostasis.

Allostatech. A group of engineers, psychologists, and data scientists who develop innovative, physiologically-based, digital health tools to improve assessment and intervention in mental health. We are committed to providing best in class service to our clients and advancing the understanding and acceptance of mental health problems. Mental Health is Health.

Technologies at the heart of our product offerings were developed in 

Dr. Ryan McGinnis’ M-Sense Research Group at the University of Vermont.


Our products are at the forefront of digital health assessment and intervention and bring together advances in physiological measurement, data science, and clinical psychology to improve the identification and treatment of mental health problems.

27.5 Million Americans experience at least one panic attack every year.

PanicMechanic is a mobile application for helping you gain mastery over your panic attacks with biofeedback therapy wherever and whenever they occur. See a scientific paper on this work here.

Patent Pending (US 62/681,926)

More coming soon!


Our founding team has expertise in clinical psychology, biomedical engineering, and data science and brings direct experience developing digital health technologies

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Ellen W. McGinnis


Co-founder and CTO

Dr. Ryan S. McGinnis






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